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Paralysis Ticks

Spring is a warm and wonderful time of year however the warmer weather brings paralysis ticks. While paralysis ticks can appear throughout winter and autumn they love the warm weather spring and summer bring and come out during these seasons in abundance.

Paralysis Ticks are among the most dangerous parasites that can affect both your dog and cat, and kill many pets per year. The reason why these little parasites are so harmful to our pets is because they produce a toxin in their salivary glands, which is then injected while the tick is feeding on the animal’s blood. They are light grey in colour. The signs to look out for are weakness in the hind legs, vomiting, not wanting to eat, a change in their voice and difficulty in breathing.
The paralysis tick can be distinguished from other species by the colour of their legs – one brown pair, two white pairs and one brown pair.

Prevention is crucial, For dogs we recommend – Preventic tick collars, Advantix (dogs only household),
Nexgard chewables, Frontline top spot and spray.
For cats we recommend frontline spray ONLY. FREE OFFER – when you purchase frontline spray from Mount Hutton Pet Hospital, our friendly staff will spray your cat free of charge.

Although these reduce the risk, nothing is 100% effective therefore checking your pet over every day is still required.
Ticks are more generally found on the head neck and shoulders, around the face (commonly in the ears), under their collar, tail and arm pits where it’s dark and warm and in between toes. However they can be found all over your pets body so daily tick checks are required.

If you find a tick, don’t interfere with it or put on any chemicals that may kill the tick which causes it to inject the poison into your pet, ring the clinic for advice. We can also demonstrate and explain a safe removal in the event of future tick attachments.


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