Our Services

Monday – Friday 8:00am to 6:00pm
Saturday and Sunday 8am to 12pm

Facilities and procedures at the Mount Hutton Pet Hospital include:

  • Medicine – We offer a full range of diagnostics and treatments for all medical conditions.
  • Surgery – Our veterinarians are highly skilled in both common and advanced procedures.
  • Anaesthesia – We have a large range of anaesthetics so the best combination can be used for you pet.
  • Hospitalisation – Our hospital is purpose-built, with air-conditioned isolation and intensive care wards. All wards have soft bedding and heating pads to ensure your pet’s stay is as comfortable as possible.
  • Imaging – Our Hospital has in house Digital x-ray Ultrasound and Endoscope to ensure rapid and accurate diagnosis.
  • Dentistry – We offer a comprehensive dental disease treatment, including an ultrasonic scaler. We can also give you advise on preventative programmes for your pet, offering the best in oral care.
  • Microchipping – A microchip offers the most effective means of re-uniting a lost pet with its owner. In New South Wales microchipping is now mandatory.
  • All-night Monitoring Service – We offer an internet facility using “Pet cam”, to allow us to monitor your pet through the night from home.
  • Pathology – We have a large range of pathology machines to allow us to run the majority of your pets pathology needs in house to ensure an rapid and accurate diagnosis.
  • Exotic Animal Services – Our veterinarians are dedicated and skilled in a large range of exotic animals including rabbits, reptiles and birds.

Additional veterinary services we provide:

  • Hydrobath – We provide a hydrobath and dryer so bathing your pet is quick and easy.
  • Grooming – Our experienced groomers can meet your pet’s needs by providing professional clipping.
  • Puppy School – We provide socialisation and training programme for your new puppy, which teaches basic obedience and discipline.
  • Boarding for Dogs, Cats, Birds and Pocket Pets – We have an exclusive boarding facility for both dogs and cats, which includes the catmax cat run for exercising our feline guests.
  • Pet Food, Products and Accessories – We have a wide range of quality pet foods including premium and prescription diets, together with pet products and accessories available at competitive prices. You can also be guaranteed to receive free professional advice from our highly trained staff should you require assistance.
  • Citronella Anti-Barking Collars – Citronella anti-barking collars are humane methods to prevent anti-social barking behaviour. You can purchase your anti-barking collar; chat to our team about your options.
  • Veterinary House Visits – we understand that your pet may need to be seen at home, so we are happy to accommodate house visits when required. Please be aware that house visits incur additional costs, and treatment may be limited due to lack of facilities. Visits may be difficult to arrange on short notice.
  • After Hours Emergency Service – Our dedication to provide excellent pet care extends to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For after hours emergencies phone 0411 119 412 and speak to one of our friendly veterinarians.
  • Pick-Up and Delivery – In recognition of our clients’ busy lives, we are pleased to offer a pet pick-up and delivery service (fees applicable). Please be aware that pet pick-up/delivery may be difficult to arrange on short notice.
  • Specialists and Referrals – Some cases require specialist treatment and we have access to some of the best specialists in Australia.